Upcoming Events at Lolo's Play-Place
To purchase tickets to an event, please call 813-438-5248 or stop in the store.  It is strongly recommended to purchase tickets BEFORE the event.  We can not guarantee availability the day of the event. 

Please know that play passes and memberships can not be used toward special events.  Monthly and Year Memberships due receive 10% off special events.

Welcome to Play-Dates!  My name is Laura and I am the founder of Lolo's Play-Place, a place where parents bring their little ones to learn and play.  From the time I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to do two things- work with children and be a mother.  I am proud to say I have achieved both.  
The last 15 years have been spent in education; from working with toddlers to teaching kindergarten, to working as a reading specialist.   I have been married to my husband for 10 years and we have 4 beautiful children.  

If I have learned anything from being a mother and a teacher, it is that children, especially young children, learn from EVERYTHING they do.   They are naturally curious; they want to discover and explore.  And young children learn best through play.  

By creating Lolo's Play-Place, I am providing an environment where a child can explore freely, feel satisfaction from self-selection, and interact with other children.  An environment with toys and activities that will spark their imagination and nurture their overall development.  I am providing parents with a clean, safe environment, that is easy to get to and doesn't require an all day commitment.  

So be sure to stop by and play for a bit.  And don't worry, we'll clean up the mess.  

A few of my favorite things:
  • God
  • My family, near and far
  • Working with children
  • Disney
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Burlap projects
  • Country music
  • Chai Tea
  • Christmas lights
  • Antique Stores